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32nd Annual Apprentice of the Year Competition

Hosted by Boilermakers Local 28 - New Jersey

Congratulations to Billy Shick of Local 374

2019 Apprentice of the Year

Monday, August 12, 2019 - The 32nd Annual Apprentice of the Year Competition kicks off with written testing in Philadelphia, PA today.  Contestants are tested on four years of Related Studies materials, safety, and blueprints.  The hands-on testing starts tomorrow at Boilermakers Local 28 in New Jersey.

This year's competitors are:

Great Lakes - Justin Zueski (Local 169) and Billy Shick (Local 374)

Northeast - Jacob Weber (Local 5, Zone 7) and Zane Martin (Local 29)

Southeast - Jesse Siems (Local 83) and Ben Weishaar (Local 193)

Western States - German Ortega Ramos (Local 92) and Mauricio Apodaca (Local 627)

Best of luck to all the contestants!

Follow the hashtag #2019NAC on Instagram for updates on the competition.

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