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Testing Paperwork

XD02.01 Install & Torque Fasteners


XD03.04 Operate a Forklift

Multilingual Functionality

XD03.08 Aerial Lift Safety

Advanced Tech

XD03.13 Industrial Rigging & Signaling

24/7 Support

XD02.01 - Install & Torque Fasteners - testing paperwork - revision date 1/2021

XD03.13 - Perform Industrial Rigging & Signaling - testing paperwork - revision date 9/2020

STE Evaluator Training Manual - revised 8/2023

PIN is the last four digits of the worker's SSN.  The PIN entered into the STE site MUST MATCH the SSN on the cover page of the paperwork

Upon completion of a successful STE evaluation, email the following


Complete paperwork -

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