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Year 1 contains coursework for Periods 1 & 2


Year One Related Studies

1st Period: Safety, Applied Math I, Boilermaker Hand Tools, Welding & Cutting Basics, Arc Welding Equipment, SMAW Part I

2nd Period: Applied Math II, Rigging: Basic Principles, Boilermaker Power Tools, Construction Materials I, SMAW Part II, Cutting Oxyfuel I

Year One Online LMS Course Topics

• Introduction/Orientation
• Substance Abuse Awareness
• Math: Basic Math, Fractions and Decimals
• Tools: Simple Tools, Hand & Power Tools
• Cutting & Burning: Safety, Setup, Oxy-fuel Burning Application
• Welding: Welding Safety, Currents & Power Sources, Electrodes, SMAW
• Rigging: Force, Friction & Mechanical Advantage, Basic Rigging System Components, Crane Signals
• Boilers: Industry Scope & Fundamentals of Steam, Heat Transfer & Boiler Design, Boilers & the Steam Cycle
• Environment: Fuels, Combustions & Environmental Protection, Environmental Protection
• Blueprints: Drawings & Line Construction, Blueprint Components, Blueprint Dimensioning, Structural Steel & Piping Symbols

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