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Year 3 contains coursework for Periods 5 & 6


Year Three Related Studies

5th Period: Applied Math IV, Rigging: Tools, Blueprint Reading, Tanks, Vessels & Components, Boiler Systems & Components II, Arc Welding: Other Processes

6th Period: Construction Materials I, Boiler: Installation, Metallurgy: Welding, Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, Variables in Welding, Cutting: Arc

Year Three Online LMS Course Topics

• Plane & Solid Geometry
• Blueprints: Introduction, Reading Prints, Identifying Details, Blueprint Components, Print Size Information, Weld Information on Components
• Block Reeving: Purpose & Inspection, Safety, Reeving & Lacing Systems and Applications
• Tanks: Classification & Design, Drawings & Layout, Tank Preparation, Fit-up & Welding
Air Carbon Gouging & Plasma Cutting
• Torqueing: The Physics of Bolted Flange Connections, The Function of Bolts & Studs, Flanged Connections, Bolted Connection Maintenance
• Tube Rolling: Equipment & Safety, Installing & Rolling, Finishing Tube Ends, Tube Removal, Troubleshooting
• Nuclear Energy: Principles of Nuclear Energy, Reactor Design, Industry Scope
Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics: Safety, Materials, FRP Application

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