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Year 4 contains coursework for Periods 7 & 8


Year Four Related Studies

7th Period: Applied Math V, Rigging: Equalizing & Distributing Loads, Dimensioning , Metallurgy: Weldability, Boiler: Repair & Maintenance, Petro Chemical & Steel Production

8th Period: Applied Metric Math, Environmental Controls, Nuclear Power, Welding: Special Applications, Welding: Design, Testing & Inspection, Welding: Performance Qualifications

Year Four Online LMS Course Topics

• Math: Trigonometry, Area of Complex Shapes, Volume of Complex Shapes, Weight & Capacity of Complex Shapes, Micrometers, Metric Measurement, Surface Area of Complex Shapes
• Blueprints: Field Drawing Review, Drawing Tools
• Fabrication & Layout: Fabrication Drawings, Drawings from an Object, Creating a Fabrication Plan, Setting Up a Fabrication Table, Fabrication Techniques, Drafting Techniques Used in Layout, Triangulation, Layout Techniques, Pattern & Template Development
• Rigging: Safety & Rigging Plans Review, Rigging Prints, Calculating Material Weights, Load Weight Calculation, Sling Angles & Spreader Beams, Equalizer Beams & Multiple Lifting Devices, Specialty Rigging Equipment, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Rigging
• Petrochemical Refineries
• Welding: Special Weld Processes & Testing Symbols, Alloy & Special Process Welding Hazard Awareness, High Alloy Steel, Window Welding, Overlay & Cladding, Stud Welding, Welding Qualifications, Stress Relief, Orbital Welding & Quality Control
• Nuclear Power Industries

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