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Great Lakes Area Hosts Instructor Training

The Great Lakes Area hosted Instructor Training from January 31 – February 2, 2017 in Oak Lawn, IL. 27 instructors from 10 Great Lakes locals attended this training, along with International Vice President and BNAP Secretary Larry McManamon Sr., Great Lakes Area Coordinator Larry McManamon Jr., Northeast Administrator Jason Dupuis, Northeast Coordinator Stephen Murphy, and Great Lakes Area administrative staff Wanda Conroy and Brianna Hale.

Boilermakers National Coordinator Mark Wertz led the training. Day one started off with Ken Rogers from The Kelly Companies, who gave all attendees an in-depth tutorial on the Learning Management System (LMS). The training is an open forum, and communication and input from all the instructors was both welcome and encouraged. A wide range of training topics were covered, including reviews of the National Apprenticeship Rules and Regulations, safety and shop setup, public speaking, EPRI, NMAP, and diversity training. Instructors also received multiple teaching resources and tips on how to teach classes effectively, and were shown a video on how to communicate with millennials.

Feedback received from the instructors was very positive, and many requested future follow-up and refresher training.

The next Instructor Training will be held in the Northeast Region in July 2017.

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