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Local 60 Hosts STE Evaluator Training

EPRI STE Evaluator Training was held at Boilermakers Local 60 in Peoria, IL from May 16-18, 2017. 23 Boilermakers from across the Great Lakes Area and one Boilermaker from the Southeast participated, and are now qualified EPRI STE Evaluators.

In order to become an STE Evaluator, participants must take a 120-question written test, a hands-on rigging and signaling exercise, and must also receive extensive trainer orientation. All 25 participants successfully completed the training, and are now STE Evaluators. STE Evaluators are qualified to administer training and qualify members to work at EPRI jobsites nationwide.

Boilermakers Local 60 is the third qualified BNAP EPRI evaluation site in the United States. Evaluation sites must first be inspected and approved by the BNAP before they can administer any evaluations.

Special thanks to Business Manager Gary Lusk for hosting the training, and Apprentice Coordinator Darren Lindee for his extensive assistance throughout the week, and for the tremendous work he put into preparing the structure and the training center for this training. Thanks to Great Lakes Area Coordinator Larry McManamon Jr. and his staff, Wanda Conroy and Brianna Hale, for their help in setting up the training.

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