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The Northeast Area Apprenticeship Program hosts Instructor Training

The Northeast Area Apprenticeship Program hosted Instructor Training from July 11-13, 2017. 23 instructors from nine locals in the Northeast participated. The training was led by National Coordinator Mark Wertz, Northeast Administrator Jason Dupuis, and Northeast Coordinator Stephen Murphy. The training also featured presentations from International Vice-President of the Northeast John Fultz, Jay Brophy from the MOST Programs, and Ken Rogers from Kelly Press.

The three-day, open forum training consisted of a wide variety of topics, including outreach, LMS reports, diversity training, policy review, apprenticeship standards, welding, safety, and public speaking. The training concluded with an open discussion led by Jason Dupuis and Stephen Murphy.

Special thanks to all who participated, and to the Northeast Area Apprenticeship Program for setting up the training.

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