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Branden Dormire of Local 169 Wins the 2017 Apprentice of the Year Competition

Ryan Schroeder of Local 85 takes second, Great Lakes wins the Team Award

The 30th Annual Apprentice of the Year Competition was held at Boilermakers Local 101 in Denver, CO from August 21-22, 2017. Branden Dormire of Local 169 took first place, with Ryan Schroeder of Local 85 coming in second. Dormire and Schroeder took home the Team Award for the Great Lakes Region.

The rigorous, two-day competition covers both written and practical skills, including tests four years of related studies materials, OSHA/Safety, blueprints, rigging, welding, general knowledge, Boilermaker skills, and blocks. Two contestants from each region represented their areas after placing first or second in their regional competitions. This year’s competitors were:

Great Lakes Area: Branden Dormire, Local 169 & Ryan Schoeder, Local 85

Northeast: James Hynes, Local 154 & Michael Mansbart, Local 5, Zone 5

Southern States: Chance Ellison, Local 108 & Charles Kouns, Local 40

Western States: Alfredo Leyva, Local 92 & Craig Rose, Local 101

Winners were announced at an Awards Ceremony held on Thursday, August 24, 2017. The ceremony was hosted by International Vice President Larry McManamon Sr. and BNAP National Coordinator Mark Wertz.

Two judges (one representing the Union, and one representing the Employers)from every area and the NTD committed their time and talents to this event, and this competition would not be possible without their efforts. This year’s judges included:

Lead Judge:

Mike Stanton, Boilermakers Local 154


Shon Almond, National Transient Division

Tim Atencio, Boilermakers Local 101

John Cammuso, Babcock Power

Monte Causey, International Brotherhood of Boilermakers

Brian Dowden, Sterling Boiler & Mechanical

Chuck Harvey, Babcock & Wilcox

Ron Mayor, AP Com/GE

James Paglia, Boilermakers Local 28

Jimmy R. Tatom, CB&I;

Nick Tokarz, Boilermakers Local 374

Special thanks to the following for all their help leading up to the competition:

Tim Ruth, Business Manager, Boilermakers Local 101

Jim Wanser, Instructor, Boilermakers Local 101

Justin Beals, Boilermakers Local 101

John Cammuso, Babcock Power

Collin Keisling, Western States Apprenticeship Coordinator

Jason Dupuis, Northeast Apprenticeship Administrator

Stephen Murphy, Northeast Apprenticeship Coordinator

Eric Olson, Southern States Apprentice Director

Larry McManamon Jr., Great Lakes Area Apprenticeship Coordinator

Charles Jones, Boilermakers Historical Preservation Department

Dave Stewart, Boilermakers Historical Preservation Department

Mallory Smith, Boilermakers Historical Preservation Department

Mary Echols, Boilermaker Reporter

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