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Training Center Safety Audit

All breaker and electrical panels are free from obstruction. A minimum of 3' of clearance is required around these panels to provide clear access in case power needs to be shut off.
All walkways and access ways are free from obstruction. Clear access to exits is needed in case of emergency evacuation.
Surfaces are dry; there are no slippery surfaces from water and/or oil.
There is sufficient PPE signage including: Safety Glasses Required, Face Shield Required, Hearing Protection Required, and Respiratory Protection Required.
There is no evidence of smoking in flammable areas. There is a designated smoking area outside of the shop area.
There is sufficient local exhaust ventilation, and it is being used properly.
The shop area and training center are free from trip hazards from cords, cables, hoses, and ropes.
Fire extinguishers are current (not expired), and have been inspected and certified by a certified service provider. Fire extinguishers must be inspected and certified annually.
All flammable materials are being stored in a proper storage area.
All oxygen and acetylene cylinders are being stored properly. Cylinders are required to be kept at a minimum of 25' apart or have a 5' wall between them.
All electrical cords are in a safe condition. There is no evidence of broken insulation, exposed wires, or broken or missing ground pins.
Grinders are in proper working order. There are no missing guards or handles.
Power tools are unplugged when not in use.
Welding machines are properly grounded both inside and outside of the welding booths.
All ladders beind used in the training center are in proper working order. There are no broken ladders being used.
There are no exposed electrial wires in open junction boxes.

All "Fail" scores must be detailed in the Auditor Notes section below.

Your audit has been submitted

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