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The Nuclear Mechanic Apprenticeship Process (NMAP) is an economical approach for providing reasonable assurance that craft labor union personnel have the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to perform a range of basic trade specific tasks without the need for additional training or testing, and to enter and successfully complete a utilities task specific training process if required.


The NMAP is a method to provide documentation that the entry level knowledge and skills training requirements have been met by contracted craft labor union personnel on an individual basis. This method utilizes the well-structured and effective craft labor union apprenticeship programs which were developed at the national level union training organizations and are provided to all local training centers for implementation.

The NMAP is the product of a tripartite committee formed from representatives of international labor unions, national maintenance contractors, and utility representatives. It is a formal process that takes into consideration the knowledge gained through the union apprenticeship programs and the experience of the contracted union labor force and provides evidence of fundamental knowledge and skill capabilities.

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