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Year 2 contains coursework for Periods 3 & 4


Year Two Related Studies

3rd Period: Applied Math III, Rigging: Ropes, Mechanical Drafting Tools, Mechanical Drawing Lines, Weld Symbols, Cutting: Oxyfuel II

4th Period: Rigging: Cranes & Equipment, Field Sketching, Layout Procedure, Blueprint Reading: Structural, Boiler Systems & Components I, Gas Metal Arc Welding

Year Two Online LMS Course Topics

• Advanced Math
• Ropes: Fiber Ropes, Wire Ropes
• Rigging: Formulating a Rigging Plan & Utilizing the JSA, Hoist Design & Trade Application, Hoist Mounting & Setup, Wire Rope Blocks & Block Installation, Hoist Rigging Implements, Mobile Cranes, Lifting Devices
• Welding: Welding Symbols, Joint Identification, Positions & Joint Preparation, GMAW Safety & Basic Principles, GMAW Equipment Setup & Selection, Metal Transfers Settings & Electrodes Shielding Gases, GTAW: Introduction to Safety, GTAW: Equipment & Setup, GTAW Consumables, GTAW Application
• Layout: Mechanical Drawing Tools, Basic Layout Tools
• Review: Trade Technologies
• Power Generating Boiler Design 1 & 2
• Paper Pulping & Steel Industries
• Field Sketching
• Fabrication: Review, Basic Layout, Shop Improvement, Hopper Fabrication

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